I'm Stuy. I'm intensely curious about the world, and this drive to explore has gotten me into some pretty sweet adventures. 

After finishing college in 2013, I set out to discover the world I'd been reading about. I had very little money, but a seasonal airline job combined with a somewhat extreme willingness to rough it, lent me access to the world over. During the next two years, I had the opportunities to travel through five continents- exploring the wilderness, becoming lost in foreign cities and experiencing life among the people of different cultures.

Early in my trip, I bought my first camera, a Nikon D5200, and I was immediately in enamored by my newfound travel partner. I was addicted to the hunt for beautiful moments, and the ability to trap them forever. To then share and revisit and enjoy them with others. To use them to communicate, or to simply appreciate them. I enjoyed the challenge of getting myself into the right places, at the right moments with the right settings to capture my subject. I studied the work of great photographers, and worked hard to improve my technical skills and train my eye. Before long, I was picking up freelance work to fund my explorations- leading to to this website showcasing some of my favorites from recent personal and professional projects in East Africa. 

I've since settled back in the US (for now), but I'm always open to new adventures. Feel free to drop me a line if you're interested in working, or playing or traveling together. 


Stuy Lewis

Contact: stuylewis@gmail.com